Once upon a time, in a land of myth and magic there existed a wondrous kingdom where writers joined together to craft an epic tale. Heroes and villains fought for what their heart desired. What side are you on? What journey do you seek? What's your story?

The curse has been broken. Magic is back in Storybrooke. Families and friends are reunited. All seems well. Happily ever after was here to stay - or so everyone thought. Unlike fairytales, this did not mean the end of the story. It was only the beginning.

5-09-2016: New Skin

5-26-2016: Plot edited!

5-29-2016: We are officially premium for cbox and forum!

10-17-2016: Our first event has been launched!

12-03-2016: New Promo

7-14-2017: New event!

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Welcome, visitors, to a realm full of possibilities. This is an AU OUaT RPG set during season 2. Please, feel free to look around, post in the CBox, and ask questions in the FAQ's! All players are wanted. We greet you with open arms and warm hearts.

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