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 Out Of Her Element (open)
 Posted: May 10 2018, 11:42 AM
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Ethereal // plotter

Desdemona walked into the shop and looked around. It looks like some sort of...treat some people call them, she mused as she looked at the decorations in the building. She then stepped closer and looked at the confections, her eyes widening at the different colors and the names. What? I'm confused, she thought to herself. This wasn't making any sense. This didn't look like any food she had ever seen before. Why would it be in cages? And how did they collect so many different colors? It didn't make any sense. She needed to figure this out. It was nice and cold here. Maybe she could sit down and rest. But would it be okay? She knew that some shops didn't like it when you just sat around at their establishment, insisting that room be made for people who could make a purchase or a barter. But her feet hurt so much! Surely they wouldn't mind if she sat for just a few minutes?

She took another step---and winced. Yeah, it was time to sit down. Her feet were killing her and if she wasn't careful, they'd start bleeding and she had a feeling that whoever owned this place wouldn't be happy about that. Ignoring the pain as best as she could, she went to one of the chairs and sat down, letting out a relieved sigh. During her time as a human, she had found that if she rested at intervals as she walked, she didn't bleed as much, though the pain was still pretty bad. And it wasn't like the witch who had given her her legs would make that go away. Not that she had ever asked. No, she had just been happy to have a way to be with Christian. I miss him, she thought, letting out a sigh. Maybe she shouldn't have yelled at him. Or swum off like she had. If she hadn't, she wouldn't be in this mess..

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