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 Most Wanted, Updated 2/19/2018
 Posted: Aug 25 2016, 03:51 PM
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Admin // plotter

We have so many open canons. Orange are most wanted! Underlined are reserved. Here is but a sampling of who I'd love to see join in:

Peter Pan - He is the boy who never grew up, or so it seems. He's an ageless imp with a flair for tricks. Be careful around the cheeky lad. He might seem nice at first, but there is much more under the surface.

Ariel - This little mermaid is all sugar and spice and everything nice. She is friendly and bubbly as well as very inquisitive. She is not afraid to speak her mind and use that voice of hers.

Kristoff Bjorgman - There is more to this ice harvester than meets the eye. He's brave and loyal. Even with his tough upbringing as an orphan he's quite the optimist.

Jasmine - Jasmine is a Princess who follows her own rule book. She believes in love and respect. She's got a good head on her shoulders, but also enjoys a adventure.

Aladdin - An orphan and a street rat, he's got a real pauper to prince story on his shoulders. He's deft and fast, which makes he a fabulous thief. However, he only steals what he needs to. He's also determined to have a better life for himself.

Jafar - One thing about him is that he's fearless. He's determined to succeed and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Magic, for him, is a fabulous tool. But, is there more to this villain than meets the eye?

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde - He's a formidable opponent. He's smart and he's quick, plus he has two very different personalities. Moreover, he's stronger than most humans and very few things can hurt him. However, that doesn't mean the good doctor isn't invincible.

Arthur Pendragon- As the King of Camelot he is strong and determined to succeed. He wants his kingdom to flourish and will do anything to create a gleaming world. At times Arthur can be quite ruthless.

Nimue - One of the original Dark Ones she has been corrupted by dark magic. However, this beautiful siren still has slivers of her kind nature in tact. The battle of good and evil is strong within her.

Guinevere - Gunievere is Arthur's wife. She is strong and determined Queen. While her heart is conflicted, she tries to be as loyal as possible. However, at times she wishes for a simpler life. What is her ending path?

Violet - This young woman is wise beyond her years. She is smart, sassy, and full of life. She adores nature, horses, as well as modern technology. 

Merlin - He's a magician. He's immortal. He is wise and cautious. However, he can be guided by passion.

Lancelot - A loyal knight, through and through. He is willing to do anything for those he cares about. However, he does have his weaknesses.

Dark Fairy - The Dark Fairy is torn between wanting power and wanting a family. She does not take no for an answer. She's also not afraid of twisting the rules of the fairy world to gain success (or a family).

Ingrid - Ingrid just wants a family. She lost much of hers through the years and that has driven her towards desperation. She loves magic.

Lady Tremaine - Love and power has clouded her judgement. She treats people as pawns to get what she wants - to resurrect her daughter Anastasia (different from the Red Queen). If she can't get that then anyone coming into her path had best watch out.

Mother Gothel - A master of the garden, she can make anything grow. This statement can apply to more than just plants, though. She can brew dark memories and plant seeds of doubt.

Dr. Facilier - He can be quite the showman. But don't let his smooth talk and slide-of-hand be a trick. He is determined and will do anything to succeed.

Jack the Giant Slayer - She's quite a feisty woman. Her goal was to protect her kingdom from the giants. But things did not go according to plan. But, somehow and someway she's been given a second chance.

Milah - While she was the mother of Baelfire and former wife to Rumplestiltskin, she wanted more. She wanted to see the world and sail the seas. She hated being a peasant's wife and saw the Jolly Roger as the perfect escape. Tentatively reserved

Lizard - A woman of Wonderland, she knows her way around the weird and wonderful place that is Wonderland. She is a petty thief with a heart of gold. She's not afraid to take risks or speak her mind.

Rapunzel - This Princess lost her older brother to a chimera attack. Ever since then she has feared losing the rest of her family. In order to protect her family, she allowed Mother Gothel to take her. Imprisoned in a tower, she does Gothel's billing.

Eloise Gardener - One of Mother Gothel's prisoners, she lived in the tower, baking requested goods. When she wasn't slaving over a stove, she dreamed of the day she would be free of her hair and this tower. Eloise is becoming desperate. How will she escape?

Sheriff of Nottingham - An arrogant man, he will do anything for praises. He hates trouble, although he's often makes it by stepping in places he shouldn't go. He can't recall the last time he hasn't dealt with the messes of the Merry Men, but secretly enjoys hunting this wanted man his band of thieves.

Gaston - Everyone loves Gaston. At least, that's what he thinks. He's a bit of a blowhard and loves attention. He also is a good fighter and has a distaste for roses.

Beowulf - Beowulf feels he is invincible, at least that's the act he puts on. He acts as if he loves attention and tends to boast about his accomplishments. He's actually a gentle man who a love of his family.

Hades - Lord of the Underworld with blue hair and sarcasm that never ceases. He is smart, funny, charming. However, he's got a temper.

Alice Liddell - Unlike many Victorian Woman she is headstrong and openly opinionated. In London, as well as in Wonderland, this has gotten her into trouble. Although, she is quick enough to get out of such situations.

Cyrus - This genie with a gentle spirit loathes living trapped in a bottle. However, he is also willing to face his punishment. There is definitely more to meets the eye with this man.

Will Scarlet - He is a knave and former Merry Man. Will often acts before thinking and gets himself into a lot of trouble. He's also quite scrappy and adaptive.

Anastasia/The Red Queen - She's a strong woman which much to gain as well as much to lose. She is passionate and determined. She could be a good ally, but is also a formidable enemy.

Brennan Jones - Killian and Liam's father. A man who prefers to think about himself more than anything. He is wicked and ruthless, but the question is why?

Captain Silver - He is an adapt captain of a merchant ship. He speaks his mind no matter the cost. He is a commanding presence, which makes him a formidable opponent.

Cora Mills - She is mother of Regina and Zelena. She is determined to see her family succeed. She's power-hungry and loves magic.

Nova - She is a young fairy who wants to make the world a better, brighter place. She has a bubbly personality that sometimes clashes with the other fairies. She is more than willing to be friends with anyone.

Wendy Darling - One of the Darling siblings, she was good friends to Baelfire and persuaded her family to let them live with them for a short time. At some point, she got captured by Peter Pan. She's been living on the island and is desperate to leave.

Widow Lucas/Granny - She is no-nonsense and tough as nails. She knows how to knit as well as shoot a crossbow. She is protective and loves her family, but she will not sugar coat anything.

Blue Fairy/Mother Superior - Is shady. Something is off about this stern fairy. She tends to follow the rules to the letter and does not like them bent.

Cruella De Ville - She is evil personified. She takes glee is her malevolence. She is bold, sassy, and vivacious.

Prince Eric - He doesn't really care for living the life of a Prince. He'd much rather fish and own a small sea-side cottage.

Maid Marian - Wife of Robin Hood and mother to Roland. She is a contradiction - both gentle and fierce. She will protect those who needs protecting.

Aurora - She is kind and generous, but sometimes does things for her own benefit. She wants to keep her family safe and sound. She can be quiet, at times, and has been known to hide secrets.

Prince Phillip - Is a Prince and warrior through and through. He is not afraid to face danger head on - almost stubbornly so. He will fight for his friends and family.

Lilith Paige - While she may have been adopted at birth, she's always had struggles. Nothing seems to go right for Lily. Her life, though, is full of mystery. Only in Storybrooke will she fully understand her past.

Merida - She was a Princess of DunBroch and now its Queen. However that doesn't mean she likes frilly things. She adores horseback riding and fighting (particularly with the bow and arrow and sword). She's stubborn and will speak her mind.

Princess Tiana - Fierce and feisty, this young woman knows what she wants. Full of determination, she will do anything to succeed. But she is very kind and caring as well as loyal.

Dorothy Gale: Formerly from Kansas, Dorothy has spent much of her time in Oz. She is determined to protect the munchkins and bring peace to the land. She's a good fighter, a bit jaded, and secretly looking for love.

Tiger Lily - A rebellious fairy, she lost her wings when she went against orders. However, she feels it was worth it as she's been able to do good in the world. She often inhabits Neverland, but can be found in other realms because of her connections.

Jacinda - Also known as Ella, she's a determined woman who wants the best for her family. She might be from the Enchanted forest, but she knows her way around a motorcycle. She does not need a prince to save her. She can save herself.

Lucy Mills - She's the future child of Henry Mills. She has more hope and belief than he does (if that is possible). She also is a bit of a realm hopper and time traveler, so you might very well see her in Storybrooke someday.

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 Posted: Dec 26 2016, 09:49 PM
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Admin // plotter

 Posted: Nov 8 2017, 09:59 AM
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Admin // plotter

Look at all these wonderful characters! If you'd like to reserve one, just post below using this code:

[i]Your name[/i] wants to reserve [b]character name[/b] until [i]two weeks from the current date[/i]

Just change the text in the italics or bold.
Ashley Boyd
 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 06:23 PM
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Patsy wants to reserve Belle French until 21st of january

[i]Patsy[/i] wants to reserve [b]Belle French[/b] until [i]21st of january[/i]
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