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 Leroy, Grumpy/Dreamy
 Posted: Jan 10 2018, 03:21 PM
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  • Leroy’s personality left something to be desired when it came to his interactions with other people. His likes, included alcohol, the mines because it was a place where he felt most at home, and Snow, someone he would always be loyal to no matter how useless he might be to her. With other people though, that loyalty disappeared. He felt he owed no one anything, especially after all that had come to pass in his life. He’d been robbed of love, so he felt none except for his love for Snow White and Prince Charming. He was aware of what most people thought of him, but he didn’t care. They didn’t know him, not the way Snow did. They didn’t see what kind of person he really was because he was closed off, unwilling to let them see him for who he really was.

    Leroy disliked being bothered, especially by young children. He also disliked new comers, which by all standards was also a strength because he was used to being on guard at all times. He often doubted himself and he hated that he was known as the town drunk, but he wanted to change. He wanted to make a life for himself in Storybrooke, but his self doubt hindered his ability to do this. It would take more than just a desire to change to move him along. What that was was unclear to him, but he knew that deep within him, a small sliver of Dreamy still existed, so he refused to give up hope that change was indeed a possibility.

    His strengths included having his guard up, being able to wield his axe for more than one use, and his undying loyalty to those closest to him, but a weakness of his, not wanting to be bothered often overshadowed the loyalty because he kept to himself unless his attention was demanded, even when it came to Snow. Alcohol was a big weakness for him and another was constantly expecting the worst, which also served as a strength in certain situations. His abilities though were lacking in Storybrooke, other than his unique ability to mine for fairy dust, a gift given specifically to the dwarfs. Leroy was also quite skilled as a handyman, being able to fix almost anything, and he had learned how to wield his axe as a weapon through the years.

  • History Leroy wasn’t always Leroy. In the Enchanted Forest, he was hatched from an egg inside the mines where he was to work mining for the fairies who needed fairy dust to fuel their magic. But, on the day of his hatching, he laid eyes on the most beautiful fairy he ever saw and despite the rule that dwarfs didn’t fall in love, Dreamy did. He wasn’t interested in the mines anymore. He wanted to see Nova as much as he could. She showed as much interest and the two planned to run away together until Blue came to him and told him that someday Nova was destined to be a fairy godmother. She persuaded him to let go of Nova, but this broke his heart. When he returned to the mines, he took up his axe and swung it in anger, breaking it. Upon being handed another, he was renamed Grumpy and from that day forward, that is what he was.

    Some time after this, he met Snow White at King George’s castle where they were imprisoned together. Despite his reluctance to care for another person after what happened with a Nova, Grumpy took pity on her and helped her to escape, only to lose his brother, Stealthy in death. Saddened by this great loss, he was joined by the other dwarfs in his misery and the group took pity on Snow again, taking her into their home. Grumpy remained loyal and protective of Snow throughout her life, even when she met her Prince Charming. At first, Grumpy wasn’t very accepting of the prince, but he learned to like Charming after he got to know him.

    From there, Grumpy became a member of Snow’s royal guard, living and working in her kingdom as a loyal servant, friend, and protector until the dark curse was cast. When everyone was transported to Storybrooke, Grumpy became Leroy, the town drunk, but history has a way of repeating itself. For when he met Nova, who was known as Astrid, he was once again awestruck by her beauty, but Astrid was a nun, so Leroy knew in his heart that he couldn’t share his feelings with Astrid, which ultimately made him grumpier than ever.

    When the curse was broken, Leroy remained his usual Grumpy self, reconnecting with Snow and Charming, the only two he trusted aside from his brothers. But, he came to realize that here in Storybrooke, his life had no meaning. He was the town drunk, working in the hospital as a janitor and suspected everyone of being shady. Anytime someone new wandered into or found their way to Storybrooke, he was cautious, always watching for trouble, expecting it and he loved to gossip.

    But, Leroy had a desire to change some things. Love was out of the question. He wouldn’t allow himself to go down that road again, but he was lonely too, so he made a friend or two, but generally whenever anyone saw him, he was less than pleasant , usually giving a quick hello and moving on. He quit his job at the hospital in favor of hopefully tending a bar someday because alcohol was the only true love in his life.

  • Leroy sat at the docks staring at the water. He’d been in Storybrooke for a while , but he never felt more lonely than he did now. Of course, he had his brothers and there was Snow and Charming, but in this town, there wasn’t a great need for fairy dust and there was no kingdom to guard. He had even come to accept that Regina was no longer the evil queen who had cast the dark curse. Everything was changing, except for him. He often frowned upon his brother, Happy for smiling so much. He didn’t know that there was anything to smile about. He barely noticed when David sat on a bench beside him and he didn’t bother to look the man’s way. “You look like you’re doing some serious thinking, Leroy. Is everything okay?” This got Leroy’s attention. He stood up, turning to David with a scowl. “Is everything okay? Haven’t you been paying attention? When things get too quiet around here, something bad is bound to happen, but it’s not like you’ll need my help to fix it. No one needs me here and it seems like everyone has given up trying to get back to our real home. I’d rather deal with ogres than stay trapped in this town.” Leroy walked closer to the water, shoving his hands in his pocket. Despite the chilly air, being at the docks was comforting because he always imagined he could look out and see his home in the distance, just waiting for him to return. Then he heard David behind him. “Leroy, we’ve tried to get back there, but the bean crop went to waste. There are no more beans. And you’re not useless. You’re our friend. You know how Snow feels about you.” Leroy laughed at the words which to him, were as meaningless as his life. He was in a bitter mood today and didn’t want to hear words of encouragement from anyone, not even those closest to him. He turned, looking David in the eye as he moved away from the water. “Something’s coming. I can feel it. It’s too peaceful here. We’ve faced one disaster after another. Something’s coming. You’ll see.” With that, he left David to think about what he said and headed back to town, the town he no longer liked or wanted to be a part of.
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 Posted: Jan 10 2018, 10:31 PM
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