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 Do You Feel Small, Too?, Tag: Dr. Hopper
Tilly Gardner
 Posted: Jul 4 2018, 09:28 AM
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Tilly with her head on the coffee table (why didn't they have such a thing as a tea table? There was an injustice there!) and her boot-clad feet on the chair. She drummed her fingers on her stomach. The feel of the jersey knit fabric against her fingers cemented her to reality. As she waited and drummed, Tilly eyed the man looming by the door watching her. "You can go now. I'm not going anywhere," she mumbled. He ignored her request.

This office was the last place she wanted to be. It wasn't the first visit to a psychiatrist office; it probably wouldn't be the last. "They really should change their titles to shrinks because it's what they do they shrink your brain," Tilly bemoaned. "I don't want a shrunken brain, thank-you very much." Again, the other person watched and didn't say a word to her.

Frankly, this Storybrooke was the last place she wanted to be - period. She wanted to be in the Enchanted Forest or in Hyperion Heights. She wanted to find her Nobin (New Robin). She couldn't do it from here. She couldn’t do anything from here except follow orders.

It was her fault, she supposed. She’d made herself at home behind that diner Granny’s – at least the best home she could muster in such a short period of time. She’d set up a ‘mission control’ to make notes and put her evidence to figure out how that storm swept her to this town and into the past. She even made a bit poster with red string connecting dots.

Then, of course, some bloke found her. She’d run off screaming bloody murder in her slip. It wasn’t that she’d wanted to run around like that. They found her sound asleep and had sacred her. Fight or flight took over. Flight won.

Jiminy Cricket
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