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 A Winter Wonderland.. In July!, Elsa & Hans | Forest | Morning
 Posted: Jul 4 2018, 07:09 PM
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There was an assumption that Elsa didn't enjoy a warm summer day, that the hot tempatures may have bothered her in a way that reflected her own immunity to the cold and to the very ice that came from her fingertips. It was all a lie. Elsa quite enjoyed the warm weather, from a walk in the park to a walk along the beach, to just sitting out on the porch of her home. She enjoyed all of it. But even then, sometimes she did wish to go back to her ways, if only just a little.

That morning in the forest she had looked all about to see if anyone had been there. The moment the coast was clear, she began with her hands as the snow and the ice shot forth from them topping all of the tree branches and the ground in a large area of the forest. Soon, it looked more like a winter wonderland than it had a warm summer day. Elsa moved with like a near dancing style as tip toes moved over twigs, blades of grass, and one on foot she spun with a growing smile to the amusement she had in just letting her powers let loose.

The days of old were gone, her very ability that had made others consider her a monster was becoming more and more manageable. So much so, that even the little Snowgies that she could create could live among her.. at least until they melted away, forever true to the Frosty the Snowman song she heard during Christmas!

Speaking of which, the Snowgies ( about six of them. ) had been playing with a snowball that they attempted to roll themselves. Of course, the large amount of snow collected versus six little snowgies didn't end too well, and one was ran over by the near runaway ball. " Oh! Are you okay! " She ran over, the snowball pushed away so that the flattened Snowgie could jump up with a laugh before it ran off to join it's other five friends.

// the cold never bothered me anyway..
Hans ### You can't miss her!
credit to kenz.
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