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 I'm Not Stealing, I'm Relocating Items., [Emma]
Balthazar O'Hara
 Posted: May 3 2018, 10:47 PM
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Balthazar O'Hara

Guests // plotter

A thief. Sort of. Did it count as theft if you were intending on returning the items to people? Balthazar liked to think it didn't. After all, these things were just sitting here in this old abandoned castle gathering dust. Left behind by the curse to be forgotten. Or, perhaps.....missed. Balthazar knew how much he missed the things he had in the life back in Storybrooke. He missed his bed, he missed his car, he missed the gigantic obstacle course he'd built to play on as a tiger. He missed everything about Storybrooke. Including a certain someone he tried his best not to think about. It was painful.

At his side was what seemed to be a tiger cub tiny and sweet with huge ice blue eyes and white fur. She looked up at him and tilted her head, letting out a little 'chuff' sound. Balthazar smiled, "I'm alrigh' Savvy darlin'." He said, his Irish accent thick and lilting. "Jes thinkin' abou' things I shouldna be thinkin' abou'" he lifted one foot to rub at her neck and she leaned into it for a few moments and then was forced to balance herself as he walked away.

"I think I miss the music most of all." He said to her, he was standing in what appeared to be a nursery with old stuffed toys, toys carved from wood, a wonderful looking mobile that caught the light of the afternoon sun and sent rainbows skittering across the room. A blanket, pretty and soft. "It's the silence tha' kills me. No' being able ta dance. I mean I could." he said to her as he removed the blanket from the crib and very carefully used it to wrap up the fragile mobile. "But withou' music it's just no' the same."

Savannah made a sound that to anyone else but Balthazar would be like a meow or a little roar, anything a cat might make. But to Balthazar? To Balthazar it sounded like words. "Savvy could make music for daddy! Then daddy dance!"

He laughed and finished wrapping the mobile in the blanket and transferred it to a modern backpack he had over his shoulders. "I doona think so Savvy. Ye've go' a lovely voice, don' get me wrong but if anyone saw me dancin' around ta a little tiger's yowling and meowing they'd lock me up in a jail cell and throw away the key in fear tha' I'd gone mad!"

He failed to notice anyone else approaching, he was too busy looking through other things, and Savannah didn't notice either, but what she did notice was a toy that caught her eye. It was a stuffed tiger, just like her. "Baby!" She cried and ran to get it, she grabbed it and yanked, firmly but from the way she was holding it by the neck, very gently. Balthazar half turned,

"Savvy, tha's no' yers! It belongs ta someone else! We'll bring it along, but if they wan' it back then-" Now he noticed someone watching him and he frowned a bit. Savannah hurried to stand behind him, carrying the toy in her mouth. Her eyes were wide and she stared out at the woman in front of them. Balthazar folded his arms, a little embarrassed at being caught talking to a tiger cub, who by anyone else's understanding, was just yowling and making cat noises.

"....Swann isn' it?" He asked, "........Nice place." Maybe if he didn't make a big deal out of it she wouldn't either......

Emma Swan
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