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 A Bit Of A Whirl, Tag: Mina
Lucy Westenra
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 12:03 AM
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“Those men are insane!” Lucy proclaimed as she dashed into the study. Her long, dark curls swirled around her shoulders as she went straight for the window. “I think there is a love potion in the air or maybe someone has enchanted all the men.”

She twirled to face her best friend, Mina. Lucy stared with wide eyes at her friend. “Three men have tried to woo me today. Three? Why? What do they see in this bookish woman who can’t even keep her hair in proper fashion?” she said, scurrying over to a chair by the fireplace and plopping into it. “Or even sit like a lady?”

It just didn’t make any sense. She was not attractive; at least Lucy did not think so. She did not like the attention at all. “All of them are dreadfully boring, too. One is a banker. Another is a shoe salesmen. A third is a butler,” she explained in a huff. “I sent them all on a bit of a scavenger hunt. I told them to find me some Golden Fleece. I doubt any of them got the literary reference though.” She giggled a bit.

“I do not fancy any of them. None of them suit me. I know I am supposed to marry or at least that it is expected,” Lucy replied, smoothing out a wrinkle in her pale blue dress. “Mina, how will I know when the right person comes around? How did you know? It all seems so confusing. I have the urge to go off on some grand adventure and find myself….”

Mirena Murry

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Mirena Murry
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 03:03 AM
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"Calm down, Dear one. If you keep up like this, you will make yourself sick." Mina admonished as she turned from the typewriter she'd been working at. It had been an expense, but she knew it was worth it when Jonathan got his promotion as a barrister. She wanted to be able to help him to advance in his position and that meant not only learning short hand but being able to transcribe notes and take dictation as needed. The gramophone that Johnathan had would help with the first part and the rest was up to her.

Mina was glad her relationship with Jonathan was so steady. There was comfort in it rather than the excessive passion that Lucy tended to be subject to. Mina envied her ability to speak her mind but that was the way of the wealthy. They could do as they pleased. The middle class, which she and Jonathan came from, were much more constrained in what they could do or say.

“Oh Lucy. You will find someone you just have to find the right man who isn’t put off by your reading. You’d think more of them would appreciate an educated woman but sadly they don’t. But I know there are men out there who admire us for our minds as much as they do other things. And etiquette is something that can be learned you just have to work at it a bit more.”

“When you find the right man you just know. It will seem like you found the other half of yourself. Like you’ve found something missing that you didn’t know you’d lost. At least that’s how it seems to me.”

Mina sighed softly, “Let’s go by Whitby Bay. The air will do you good and will clear your mind and perhaps you’ll meet some dashing young man who will sweep you off your feet and whisk you off to his grand estate like those romance novels you always read when your parents aren’t looking."

She looked at her friend, the pair could not be more opposite, Mina was dressed in a modest brown dress that would have been at home in a school room or church whereas Lucy dressed more extravagantly in bright colors.
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