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 Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum!, [Open]
Lloyd Irving
 Posted: Mar 18 2018, 04:59 PM
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I'm just playing!
A pirate ship! A REAL pirate ship! With rigging and sails and a rudder and probably a brig and a great big rudder and all kinds of stuff! Ever since Lloyd had discovered the ship, he'd wanted to play on it. Maybe Genis would play pirate with him! Lloyd might've been nineteen with a job and a house of his own, but he wasn't done being a kid just yet! So, he decided to check the place out, dragging his fifteen year old best friend along with him.

Both were decked out in costume and though it was a little silly, they didn't care. It was all about having fun. Lloyd walked down the pier and brandished his duel swords, "Ahoy ye swab! Captain Lloyd is my name and high seas adventures is my game! What's your name?"

Genis laughed and adjusted his hat, he had his own kendama in his left hand and he shook his head, "I'm First mate Scurvy George and I think Captain Lloyd has a screw loose!"

Chuckling, Lloyd ran up the gangplank and stood on the deck of the ship, "All hands on deck! We're setting sail for adventure!" Genis joined him, stumbling a bit, but then he too started to play, jumping around and pretending to wash down the deck and then suddenly, he started to play with his kendama, making the ball dance around on the string, catching it with one of the side cups and bouncing it to the next one, then to the top which had a spike.

A column of water rose up and hit Lloyd in the face, making him gasp and sputter. "YEOW! That's cold!"

"Mutiny!" Genis shouted and charged at Lloyd, sending water columns at from rising from the sea. Lloyd nimbly jumped around, avoiding them and laughing and then he drew his swords and ran along the rail before jumping off and expertly flipping through the air to land behind Genis and tripping him. He pointed one of the swords at his head. "I win! Walk the plank!"

Laughing, Genis rolled out the way and onto his feet, "I don't want to catch the flu. Sis will KILL me if I come home soaking wet. I have homework anyway. See you around Captain Lloyd!" And he bowed low, sweeping his hat off his head and then walked away laughing.

Lloyd waved one sword in the air, "Okay! See ya tomorrow!" And he sheathed his swords and went back to playing all on his own, standing in front of the captain's wheel he playfully spun it back and forth and barked out orders to pretend sailors.

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