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 Sister Dearest, Rufus' sister
Rufus Powers
 Posted: Mar 14 2018, 08:15 PM
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Name: Lucinda (middle and last up to you)

Age: 15-27

Member group: Ethereal (or whatever)

History: I went way way WAAAY into it back in Rufus' app, but for a quick rundown, Rufus and Luci were twins with Rufus being the oldest by several minutes. Luci would dance and Rufus would play music for her on his guitar. They had a REALLY good act together and they were really close. They got along great! But then when they were thirteen, their nomadic band was attacked by angry villagers and everyone was killed. Rufus THOUGHT he saw his sister die and then he snapped and killed a bunch of villagers and was taken in by an old couple and then he moved in with monks. Anything after the attack is up to you. But keep in mind that it's been 2000 years since Rufus last saw his sister, so unless you want to make her another vampire from the Land of Untold Stories where they were born, she'd have to have fallen under some sort of curse or something so she didn't just die of old age.

FC: Up to you, just so long as she looks like she could be related to Paul Wesley.

Personality: Up to you. Just don't make her a raging bitch or anything like that. No one evil. She shouldn't hate Rufus and she should probably be ....kind. At least mostly. Again, most of her personality is up to you. The things I mentioned are just PARTS of her personality I want.
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