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 Help Me Tell My Stories, Kay's Wanted
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 04:22 PM
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Admin // plotter

I have several characters. Five, as of right August 16. Each one is in need of more interactions! I would absolutely love to see some of these roles filled!
Neal Cassidy
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 06:11 PM
Quote y/o & 62 posts
Awards: 9

Neal Cassidy
The desires of a former Lost Boy.
Face Claim: Rachel Shelly
Fact 1: Baelfire's mom
Fact 2: Loves the ocean and being a pirate
Fact 3: Resentful fo Rumplestiltskin
Fact 4: She enjoys rum
Face Claim: Parker Croft
Fact 1: Peter Pan's second in command
Fact 2: Former friend of Baelfire
Fact 3: Is sarcastic
Fact 4: Is good at knots
Tinker Bell
Face Claim: Rose McIver
Fact 1: Lost her wings after disobeying Blue
Fact 2: Lived in Neverland
Fact 3: Is a survivalist
Fact 4: Formerly known as Green
Pete Pan
Face Claim: Robbie Kay
Fact 1: Head lost boy
Fact 2: Father of Rumplestiltskin
Fact 3: Loves games
Fact 4: Has magic
thanks brooklyn

user posted image
Ruby Lucas
 Posted: Aug 20 2017, 10:02 AM
y/o & 24 posts
Awards: 4

Ruby Lucas

Werewolf // plotter

Ruby Lucas
A werewolf needs friends, too.
Face Claim: Anabeth Gish
Fact 1:Mother of Ruby
Fact 2: Former queen of the werewolves
Fact 3: Is presumed.dead
Fact 4: Is a shapeshifer
Face Claim: Beverley Elliott
Fact 1: Knitted Emma's baby blanket
Fact 2: Likes motorcycles.
Fact 3: Is good with a crossbow
Fact 4: Runs the B&B and diner
Dorothy Gale
Face Claim: Teri Reeves
Fact 1: Is passionate about protecting Oz
Fact 2: Travels with her doggie sidekick, Toto
Fact 3: Is good with a bow and arrow
Fact 4: Often travels between Kansas and Oz
Face Claim: Amy Manson
Fact 1: Queen of DunBroch
Fact 2: Rides a horse named Angus
Fact 3: Is skilled with a sword and bow and arrow
Fact 4: Was close to her father
thanks brooklyn
Prince Charming
 Posted: Aug 31 2017, 04:35 PM
y/o & 32 posts
Awards: 5

Prince Charming
Allies for a Prince
Arthur Pendragon
Face Claim: Liam Garrigan
Fact 1: Husband of Guinevere
Fact 2: Searching for Excalibur
Fact 3:King of Camelot
Fact 4: Very determined
James Nolan
Face Claim:Josh Dallas
Fact 1: David's twin brother
Fact 2: Is technically dead (but the dead rise here)
Fact 3:Raised as a Prince
Fact 4: Expert beanstalk climber
King George
Face Claim:Alan Dale
Fact 1: Has made deals with Rumpelstiltskin
Fact 2: Fearless warrior
Fact 3: Thinks he's a master deal maker
Fact 4: Wants to have a large kingdom
Face Claim:Gabrielle Rose
Fact 1: Biological mother of James and David
Fact 2: Lived on a shepherding farm
Fact 3: Is also technically dead (again the dead rise here)
Fact 4: Gave her wedding ring to David to give to his future wife
thanks brooklyn
Lucy Westenra
 Posted: Aug 31 2017, 04:58 PM
y/o & 15 posts
Awards: 3

Lucy Westerna
Vampires do not like to be alone.>Hades
Face Claim: Greg Germanne
Fact 1: Lord of the Underworld
Fact 2: Hair changes color when extremely emotional
Fact 3: Made a deal with Lucy
Fact 4: Is a good bicyclist
Face Claim: Luke Evans(FC can be changed)
Fact 1: Is a vampire
Fact 2: He prefers darkness and night
Fact 3: Enjoys sailing
Fact 4: Is very fast
Face Claim: Kacey Rohl
Fact 1: Hates 3-headed dogs
Fact 2: Is sarcastic and spunky
Fact 3: Likes adventure
Fact 4: Friends with Hercules
Face Claim: Jonathan Whitesell
Fact 1: Known as Herc
Fact 2: Lover of Megara
Fact 3: Is a Greek Demigod
Fact 4: Technically dead (but the dead rise here)
thanks brooklyn

user posted image
Robin Hood
 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 09:47 AM
y/o & 12 posts
Awards: 2

Robin Hood

Champion // plotter

Robin Hood
A thief with a heart of gold in need of comrades.
Will Scarlet
Face Claim: Michael Socha
Fact 1: Friends to Alice
Fact 2: Is afraid of water
Fact 3: Is one of the Merry Men
Fact 4: Loved his sister, Penelope
Marian Hood
Face Claim: Christie Liang
Fact 1: Former wife to Robin
Fact 2: Mother of Roland
Fact 3: Was executed for theft, but brought back to life
Fact 4: Head-strong and determined
Keith, Sheriff of Nottingham
Face Claim: Wil Traval
Fact 1: Dedicated to his job
Fact 2: Loves Marian
Fact 3: Very bitter due to his life
Fact 4: Craves power
Little John
Face Claim: Jason Burkart
Fact 1: One of the Merry Men
Fact 2: Good spy and thief
Fact 3: Is good at realm hopping
Fact 4: Loves to gossip (according to Robin Hood)
thanks brooklyn
Tilly Gardner
 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 03:52 PM
y/o & 4 posts
Awards: None

Tilly Gardner
Of other places
Robin Margot Mills
Face Claim: Tiera Skovbye
Fact 1: True Love of Tilly
Fact 2: Free-spirit
Fact 3: Wants to honor her dad
Fact 4: Loves to travel
Roland Hood
Face Claim: Timothée Chalamet (can be changed)
Fact 1: Half-brother to Margot
Fact 2: Sweet, but curious
Fact 3: Adores his father
Fact 4: Loves nature
Face Claim: Emma Booth
Fact 1: Tilly's estranged mother
Fact 2: Is a tree-nymph
Fact 3: Very vengeful
Fact 4: Can do magic
Detective Flynn Rogers
Face Claim: Colin O'Donaghue
Fact 1: Father of Tilly
Fact 2: Is artistic
Fact 3: Is very doting and loving
Fact 4: Is a pirate
thanks brooklyn
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