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 Forces In Tandem, Tag: Hook
Neal Cassidy
 Posted: Feb 25 2018, 11:12 PM
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Well, this was awkward. Frankly, it was more than awkward. It was weird. It was uncomfortable. Here he was in the nightmare land that was Neverland rescuing his boy with the help of his former father-figure, Killian Jones. He was here with a father-figure who he had not seen in over a hundred and some odd years. Never in a million years would Neal have dreamt up this situation. Maybe this never was yet another reason this place was called ‘Neverland’.

He sat on a rock, rubbing his back. Gods freedom is sweet, he thought. But back in Storybrooke I need an appointment for a chiropractor. Being in that cage had been far from fun for his posture. Those cages were not meant for adults.

Killian sat nearby fiddling with some sort of gizmo or gadget. From this distance it was hard to tell. Pushing himself off the rock with his heels, he headed over to the man. “Hey, I guess I should say thanks,” Neal mumbled to the pirate. “I probably would still be there if it wasn’t for you.”

This felt awkward. Having a dozen dentists working on a single cavity would be less awkward. He toed the ground, drawing a line in the sand just to do something and to keep moving. “I never thought we’d be here doing this. Hell, I never thought I’d have a kid to call my own. Fatherhood, it just didn’t seem like the thing for me. Bad experiences I guess,” he mumbled, unsure where the words were taking this conversation. “Granted, I didn’t think we’d see each other again or ever work for a same goal. Huh?”

Killian Jones

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