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The curse has been broken. Magic is back in Storybrooke. Families and friends are reunited. All seems well. Happily ever after was here to stay - or so everyone thought. Unlike fairytales, this did not mean the end of the story. It was only the beginning.

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 For The First Time In Forever.., Anna!
 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 09:51 PM

Snow Queen
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Let the storm rage

on, the cold never bothered me anyway..

There was so much to adjust to. Elsa had only recently found herself freed from the urn that her own sister had trapped her within. But did she blame her? No. There came a point where maybe Hans had been right, maybe she really was a monster. True, Elsa didn't know what made Anna do it. If anything, the older sister had only accepted it without daring to think her precious sister had done it in spite.

And then Storybrooke happened, or so she assumed the name of the town had been since she had spotted it on at least four different signs. She was a bit frightened, people looked at her, none of them were faces she recognized, and at this point? She had no idea where Arendelle even was, or if her home was even safe. So much for being a Queen. So far that was what? Twice? Three times that she had let down her kingdom?

She must have looked nervous, if only because an elderly woman who identified herself as ' Granny ' had handed Elsa a big slice of chocolate cake. And so Elsa sat, at a booth by herself with a slice of chocolaty goodness before her. She pressed her lips together, offering a smile in the direction of the kind old woman. Elsa didn't have any gold on her however, and she wondered exactly how and when that would end up being a problem as she slowly let her fork glide through the soft layers of the cake.

At long last she sampled the treat, and eyes had gone wide for a split second in amazement of how delightful it was! " Mm.. Wow. " For a split second, Elsa forgot about all of her worries. Even as icy blue eyes looked out from the nearby window at the freshly falling snow that had began to coat the small Maine town.

The Diner wasn't too busy, some people who came in only came in and left with a coffee in hand, others had sat down at their booths and seemed more entertained by one another than by the lone stranger in a long blue gown and lack of any winter gear.

What were the chances that Anna would happen to walk in? Elsa really wasn't sure if it was meant to be, although she hoped. There had to be a reason she was freed from the urn and she doubted that it was so that she could have been put back into it again. No, someone had to free her, someone out there had been there to help her.

Anna, 432, pictured, Chocolate cake!

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