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 The Night Shift, Open
Viktor Frankenstein
 Posted: Jul 1 2018, 10:51 AM
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A good night in the hospital went by quickly, but those were often the nights when everyone and everything in Storybrooke had been in some sort of need medical attention. Tonight, had been one of the slower nights, where no one had been coming into the hospital surprisingly enough. A glance at his watch had said it was 1am. Some time later, in what felt like hours, Viktor looked once more only to be discouraged to see that it was no later than 1:20am. The night was dragging, dragging so badly that three cups of coffee into his night and Viktor still had until six in the morning until he could go. And that was only if he had no patients to take care of!

His sweep of the patient rooms was simple enough, a job more commonly held by nurses had the head Doctor himself checking in.. which was otherwise pointless since each and every one of them had been asleep for the night. Every so often one or two were in their room with a television on, but nothing more. All seemed good, a good thing health wise. A terrible thing sanity wise for the good Doctor who had wanted to pass the time doing anything but roaming the halls.

But with so little to do, he finally slipped into his office where the door had slammed closed behind him and took a spot at his desk where drawer was opened and a small glass and bottle of bourbon were pulled free. While drinking on the job was frowned upon, his skills as a Doctor had been so top notch in Storybrooke that nobody really took the effort to look into his habits within the walls of the hospital. And despite drinking, Viktor still held a great deal of responsibility with each life that was in his hands.

A sigh left his lips, body in the white lab coat leaning back into his chair as another sip of the golden colored liquor was sipped. But just then, a knock on his door? It perked his attention, a brow raising as he quickly set the full glass back into his drawer and gently closed it.

" Can I help you? "

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