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 May I Have This Dance?, Tag: Snow
Prince Charming
 Posted: Oct 19 2017, 08:56 PM
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David was not the costume type. He sucked at choosing them. It wasn’t that he disliked costumes. In fact, the Prince loved them. However, he didn’t know where to begin. Mary Margaret, on the other hand, seemed to have it all down pat. She always knew what to wear and when to wear it.

David tried. He loved the Indiana Jones movies; those films had been the first ones he watched after coming out of his coma. He had kind of wanted to be Indiana Jones. While recovering, Charming had thought he was strong and brave – everything David thought he was not (at the time).

So when he heard about this Summer-long ball and how it had been both formal, costume, and masked (combined) Indiana Jones was the first, and only, idea that came to mind. So on one of the nights of the balls, he waltzed in wearing a fedora, a gold mask, and clothes that reminded David of Indiana Jones’ safari adventure clothes. Everyone stared. No one knew who or what he was. Just great, thought the man as he spotted a familiar raven-haired beauty. Even if it was the back of her head he knew.

He had sent Snow an invitation much like the ones they got in the Enchanted Forest. He invited her to this ball. It had been a very, very long time since the two of them had gone on a date. This seemed like the perfect event for such a thing. How many times had the two of them attended a ball? He had lost count – mostly because David had found those dull. This one, though, was different. This one he was looking forward to.

Mary Margaret
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