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 Home Away From Home
 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 09:41 PM

in his 40s, but does age really matter?
Looking to bartend maybe
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Leroy was comfortable in the mines. It was the only place in Storybrooke that reminded him of home, a place he thought of often despite being stuck in a town faced with disasters day after day. He held his axe firmly in both hands and swung it hard at the rock wall, deciding a little work never hurt anyone. It was a way to keep his mind off of other things. Beside him, he had set a flask with alcohol because he was never far from his favorite drink. He preferred beer, but Scotch was good too. Currently, he had a bit of Scotch in the flask, but beside it, he had set a six pack since he planned to be in the mines for a while.

Repeatedly, he swung his axe, putting his strength into it. This was a good way to release his anger and frustration over certain things. When a piece of the wall broke off, he bent down, picking it up and tossed it into a nearby cart. Then he went straight back to mining again with very little light to see. But this was his thing, a dwarf thing. He was born to mine and lately it seemed it was all he could do to keep busy, especially now that things were quiet in Storybrooke, although, he suspected not for very long. The town never had peace for long. Some crazy person would come along and stir things up eventually. It was only a matter of time before that happened. The question was...who. Who would be the one to cause a disaster this time?

After mining for a while, Leroy decided it was time for a break and a beer. He set the axe down and sat on the ground of the mines, opening a beer while he thought about the direction in which his life was going. From the moment the curse broke, two things became clear to Leroy. He was no longer a royal guard because there was no kingdom here in Storybrooke. And the woman he once loved was still untouchable because she was a nun now. Both of these things were a constant reminder of just how useless he seemed to be in this town, but then there were the mines. No one else could do what he did down here. That gave him some small hope that he wasn’t entirely useless.

After he finished his beer, Leroy stood up and picked up his axe, holding it with both hands as he started to swing it at the wall again, determined to at least mine for a little fairy dust. It was needed by the fairies for their magic, so he figured he might as well get enough so that Blue could share it with the other fairies. There weren’t that many fairies in Storybrooke, but enough that the dust was a necessity, so he kept right on swinging since had nothing better to do.

Open tag, anyone is welcome to join in.

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