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 The Future Unfolds, Tag: Irina; World: Storybrooke
Neal Cassidy
 Posted: May 17 2017, 11:26 PM
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The lulling rock of the ship offered some comfort to Neal. Perched on an upside-down crate, the recovering man allowed the constant movement to relax his muscles. Feeling in tune, and somehow at home in the belly of the Jolly Roger, he leaned his head against the wooden side.

Eyes at half-mast and head bowed downwards he wasn't asleep. Instead Neal's gaze was trained on the ring on his hand. Slipping it from his finger, Neal twirled the gold band. Looking upon this engagement ring churned his stomach. It represented not the bond Tamara and he had shared, but her betrayal.

Loving her had never been in the cards. He had even planned on breaking it off right after New Years. For such a long time he had been alone, longing for companionship. When Tamara ran into him and their relationship bloomed into something more Neal had felt relief that was all. However, he never admitted that. He'd just wanted to be with someone.

It seemed like a wrong and foolish reason to stay with her. However, Neal would be lying to himself if he'd stayed for love. Thinking about it made him uncomfortable especially because of the recent turn of events.

He sighed as he continued to twirl the ring. What now? It would be to take one moment at a time. He knew that going onto the deck would be wise and healthy. Neal didn't feel like facing anyone yet even though there surely was food up there and his stomach growled. But he also knew he had to leave the ship and so he did.

Walking with his head low he headed to the closest place – The rabbit Hole. Sliding into a booth, he sat there, twirling the ring on his finger and waiting for a server to take his order. He felt someone sit down beside him. Turning, he looked at the woman and smiled. “Hi,’ he said, twirling the ring on his finger.

Irina Hildebrande

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