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 Just Another Adventure, Tag: Zelena
Tilly Gardner
 Posted: May 19 2018, 11:44 PM
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Tilly, as she had taken to be calling herself (Alice just stirred up too much trouble), bounced on her heels as she stood on the hill. Her mouth was agape and a bit of blond curl flew into her mouth. "Bloody hair," she whispered, tucking the strand behind her ear. The soft velvet of the cloak felt lovely against her chapped hand. "I can't believe I'm seeing the world in green-colored glasses. I've heard of rose-colored ones, but never green. This is magnificent."

He rushed through the underbrush. A little gleeful laugh escaped her lips. She felt free running through these woods. This was the bravest she had ever felt and perhaps would ever feel. She’d been stuck in Nottingham much too long. It had been utterly wet and soggy. Plus, the creatures she fought there had been horrid. Not only that, Tilly had gotten herself locked up in a dungeon. So yeah, this place was freeing. It was exciting. It felt safe.

Something flew overhead. “Blimey what was that,” she breathe, darting down low. The flying creature swooped in on her again. She screamed louder and ran. Eyes wide and breath hurried she ran as quick as her feet could carry her. “This is just a bad day. You’re fine Alice. It’s not real. It can’t be. Flying apes with blue tone skin and sharp claws and teeth don’t exist in real life, do they?” She did not know if they truly had those things- the creature hadn’t gotten close enough – but Tilly assumed.

Her foot caught on a root. She went flying. She screamed as she did. “Help me!” Tilly cried as she fell to the leafy ground. Arms wrapping around her head, the blond yelped as the creature clawed at her cloak.

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