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 Welcome Back! Your House Has Been Destroyed!, [Prince Charming]
Tetra Dracoma
 Posted: Mar 18 2018, 04:17 PM
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Tetra Dracoma

Guests // plotter

This land was strange and new and everything about it interested the little dragon from the animals he played with in the woods, to the strange metal monsters that ate people and then spat them out at random. Tetra had found some house and just moved in. It was long abandoned, with no water or electricity, but Tetra had never seen indoor plumbing or electric lights before, so to him this house was great. He ended up sleeping in the bathtub, padded down with pillows found in the house. They didn't smell all that great, but they were better than nothing.Today Tetra was exploring the town, he saw the traffic light from afar and though it was pretty it only seemed to flash colors that the monsters reacted to. They seemed to dislike green the most and blew right past them. Yellow was interesting enough to slow down, but some speeded up. Red? Well ALL of the monsters liked red and they stopped and stared at these lights until they turned green and then off they went! They held humans inside and made all kinds of noises and farted out smelly stinky stuff. Sometimes big black clouds of it!Maybe Tetra could play with the metal monsters? As he flew around looking for something to do, he paused and sniffed the air. Something smelled nice! Very nice. He followed his nose, wings flapping, tail adjusting his trajectory, left, right up just a bit. Oh! He found the source of the nice smell. It was a house! Much bigger and nicer than the one he'd found. There was some sort of smelly thing in a nice shiny, round container and it was just sitting on the window. Was the house giving him this treat? He'd heard someone talking about a house warming present and getting one. Maybe THIS was what houses did when they warmed up to you in this world! Maybe that was why his house wasn't as nice. It hadn't warmed up to him. It didn't like him. This house liked him! And he liked it!Tetra flew onto the windowsill and sniffed the thing, it smelled like pumpkin and sweetness. PIE! He liked pie! Within seconds the entire thing was gone and he was lying on his back in the window, all four paws in the air while he licked the pie tin clean. It was shiny and pretty. He would keep it! He left it on the sill and ventured into the house. What an interesting place! There were all kinds of things here. He discovered the blender and turned it on, then screamed and threw it against the wall, smashing it into pieces when it roared at him. What a rude little.....thing! The drawers were next. Shiny things! Lots and lots of them! He yanked out the entire drawer of silverware and added his pie tin to it. He thought for a moment and then said to himself, "Tetra will stay here! House likes Tetra. Tetra likes house! Much better than old house that doesn't give Tetra nice things!" and he put the drawer with the pie tin on the counter and flew off in search of more things.What was this thing on the wall? He tilted his head this way and that and then, using his nose, flicked the switch up. WHOA! Night became day! He flipped it down. "Night!" he flicked it up. "Day!" faster and faster he flicked the lights, "Night day! Night day! Night day!" He laughed and zipped into the next room, leaving the lights on. What was this thin black rectangle? He poked it with his nose, thinking it would do something and hid behind the chair. It didn't do anything.He found the remote control and inspected it, sniffing it all over and gnawing on it. Maybe it tasted- IS THAT YOUR FINAL ANSWER?! yelled someone and Tetra screamed and dropped the remote, hiding under the armchair. He peeked out and saw the magic rectangle was talking! And there were little humans inside. They were making a lot of noise and one man was jumping up and down excitedly and the other man was smiling, then he asked another question. Tetra tried to ask the people inside questions, but they rudely ignored him.He went back into the kitchen and saw a large, pretty black box with a big handle. He pulled it and found that it was cold inside and full of food! Food he'd never seen before in his life. "Thank you house!" he said cheerily and began eating. An avocado, green and ripe was eaten and the pit spat out into the sink. He made a face. Ick. He didn't like the green creamy thing the gigantic seed. The skin tasted funny and the texture of the fruit was too squishy. What else was in here? Carrots! Orange and crunchy. Except they were so tiny! And had no green part. He cleaned out the vegetable crisper and all the fruit as well, then moved on a little higher. Nothing escaped the dragon's voracious appetite, he ate everything, Including the jar of mayonnaise. Then, he opened the freezer and ate everything in it too, even what was in the ice maker. He belched and left the fridge open, thinking that the house would need that magic box open to restock the food inside. Houses didn't have paws like he did! Or hands in his human form. It couldn't open the magic cold box.He'd left the tv on and the massive mess in the kitchen as well. He entered the room at the top of the stairs and found it too had a cold, hard nest in it but this one was interesting! First of all, the floor was shiny and pretty! Not like his with everything covered in dust and mildew. Second, it had a tall glass box with a long metal snake with a fat head inside. He didn't like snakes. It wasn't moving though. He flew in and stood on one of the faucets. The snake started spitting at him! In a panic, Tetra crashed out of the shower, leaving the nozzle spraying water down the drain. He hid in the bathtub and watched it. What was wrong with that snake? Why was it still spitting even though he was gone? He stuck his forked tongue out at it. "Phhhhbt! Stupid snake! Can't get Tetra!" he jeered and fled the bathroom. Back downstairs and in the back was a bedroom and it had nice furniture and a nice view of the town below. There was a dresser and Tetra, thinking it was the house giving him more things, opened it and stuck his head inside. Clothes. Shirts, pants with no legs. Was that called a skirt? Oh well. Pants that were WAY too short to actually keep you warm, the underwear went out too, one of them caught on a lampshade and hung here. He threw the entire contents of the drawer out onto the floor and on other pieces of furniture until finally, he took out something interesting.It had two round things and lots of lace and some straps with hooks in the back and some more straps. What was this black, frilly thing? He put it on over his face. Did you breathe through it? That didn't work. Maybe it was for looking through! He put it over his eyes. Nope! He couldn't see a thing. Finally, he put it on his head and fitted the cups over his horns and tied a knot in the part that attached it to a woman's back. It fit! It was a hat!Tertra looked up and saw a strange thing hanging from the ceiling. It was wide and had five wooden blades and a light that was dark. He sat on one of the blades and pulled the chain. It started to spin. It was a ride! Weeee! Faster and faster he went until he was a literal white blur. THIS WAS FUN!CRASH!His weight was too much for the fan and it came down and broke on the floor, he hung from the rod attaching it to the ceiling and looked down at it. Oops. Now he'd broken his toy! Maybe he could fix it! He jumped off and landed on the soft rectangle thing, intending on jumping down and fixing the ride, but he bounced back up! He yelped in surprise and fluttered in the air, then gingerly stood on the mattress again. It was soft and comfy and the blanket on top smelled so nice! Much nicer than his blanket. He bounced on it. He sprang up into the air and then, Tetra was distracted again, forgetting all about the broken fan, the curious, happy-go-lucky dragon jumped up and down on the bed, higher and higher, the pillows few everywhere, the nicely made bed was being ruined, the frame was threatening to break under the stress and the springs surely couldn't take anymore, but Tetra didn't know that. All he knew was that this was a new, fun toy made for bouncing and he was having the time of his life. Prince Charming♥ ♥.posta { width: 300px; border: 10px solid #fafafa; background-color: #fafafa; outline: 5px solid #dfdfdf; margin: 10px 0px; }.imga { width: 100%; height: auto; }.wordsa { text-align: justify; width: 300px; max-height: 200px; overflow: auto; font: 12px/13px calibri; color: #222; }.wordsa b { font-weight: 400; color: #00688B; }.notesa { background-color: #00688B; padding: 20px; }.notesab { height: 20px; padding: 0px 5px; padding-top: 5px; text-align: left; color: #00688B; background: #fafafa; font-size: 10px; text-transform: uppercase; }.icona { color: #555; display: inline-block; text-align: center; }.icona a { color: #555; }.qcredit { width: 300px; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; margin-top: -5px; }

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