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 Setting The Price, Tag: Rumplestiltskin
Prince Charming
 Posted: Dec 24 2017, 12:14 AM
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David needed answers. He needed a way to stop the curse and save his family as well as the good people who lived in Mist Haven. There was no way he would allow the curse to overtake this kingdom. He knew he could not do this without help, though. He needed an ally that could stop curses and stop the Evil Queen. Charming knew of only one person for that job.

“Rumplestiltskin,” he said, coming to the cell where the Dark One was housed. Crossing his arms over his chest, the Prince gawked into the darkness. Distant dripping water sent a chill down his spine. The flickering flames from torches made his skin crawl. The dungeon was his least favorite spot in the castle. “Rumplestiltskin, come from your hiding spot. I need to talk to you. I don’t have long.”

Snow White had no idea that he was here. She would probably set a netted trap and leave him hanging if she found out. Rumplestiltskin was the enemy of all enemies. It was insanity to try and make a deal with him. Only a person full of desperation would even think to try this. But these were desperate times. He was a desperate man.

There had to be a way to fix everything. There had to be a way to break the curse. He would not stop until he found the answers. He hoped Rumplestiltskin could and would help him. Charming would pay his price – whatever the Dark One’s price would end up being. No matter how steep it was he would pay it.

 Posted: Dec 28 2017, 12:28 AM
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Rumplestiltskin leaned against the wall in his cell, looking at the different futures that could possibly happen. Not that anything was set in stone. No, it was all one big puzzle. One that could drive him mad if he let it. But he wasn't going to. No, he was just going to let things play out, only tweaking certain aspects when necessary. Anything to make sure that the curse was cast so that he would be able to find Baelfire once he was in the Land Without Magic. And that was all that mattered: finding Baelfire. Without his son, he was nothing. Oh sure he had his powers, but he didn't care about that---no matter what it had seemed like to the boy. I'll find you some day, Baelfire, he thought to himself. He never should've let go when that portal had opened. It was his biggest regret. But now it was fixable. He would be able to make amends. And that was all he wanted: the chance to make amends.

The sound of someone calling his name broke through his reverie and he grinned as he heard the prince's voice calling him again, demanding him to come out as he needed to talk to him and didn't have very long.
"Well, well, well. If it isn't the prince," he declared, his lips curving into a smirk. I was waiting for someone to approach me about this. Didn't think it'd be him though, he mused. Oh sure, he had seen it coming, but he had figured it was inconsequential so he had dismissed the vision as he had done to similar visions many times before. However, now he rather wished he hadn't because this was going to be interesting.

Sorry this is short.

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