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 I've Seen You Before, Street side | Clara & Elsa
 Posted: Feb 23 2018, 10:23 AM
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And so it left the elder sister alone, and forced to explore the strange town on her own instead. It was th early morning, and bright crystal blue eyes had found themselves peeking through the windows of many of the shops that lined the main road of Storybrooke. Sure, she could wait until the stores had actually opened, but why? She had a restless nights sleep at the Bed n' Breakfast, she found herself a bit too uneasy to feel a need to eat a complete breakfast, and so a walk to clear her head seemed well overdue. While a better control over her powers had maintained itself, it was within her mind that a blizzard had continued. She belonged in Arendelle, as did Anna, her concerns as Queen were as strong as they were when she reclaimed her throne and while the kingdom had indeed accepted her, as well as progressed further into a welcoming and beautiful land, she was abruptly taken from it all by her sister and the urn in which contained her for so long. It went beyond that though, with concern that her sister wouldn't want to come with her, concerns that Arendelle may not be so forgiven this time. She hadn't a clue, for all she knew her beloved kingdom could have easily fallen under the rule of Hans again, and while it angered her, at least he seemed to run the kingdom appropriately. Not that she could forgive him for anything else he had ever done. Just then as she had finished peeping into a bookstore, her frame rose to find herself looking towards a young woman who looked awfully familiar. To see a familiar face in Storybrooke was somewhat a rarity for Elsa, as many of the residents had all been from Misthaven, an area that Elsa had little knowledge with. But this one, this one she could easily recall. Her steps had moved towards the woman, but her steps in blank ankle boots moved with caution. While the woman had originally been harmless, it was what she had witnessed Elsa doing that gave the Queen great concern. They had met once in Arendelle, at a time when Elsa was still learning to control her powers. And so there, among a blizzard of bitter cold and blinding snow, there had been the Queen of Arendelle within the center of it all. The young woman sought passage and it provided Elsa with a challenge that would prove useful in her ability to learn to control her gifts. She was able to part the blizzard, to leave one long stretch of path completely void of the wind, sleet, and snow that had fallen everywhere else around the two women. But that was then, a time that felt so long ago. This was now, and now it was a much different setting for the two women when thin light colored brows raised as she moved closer. Elsa wore her coronation dress, one of her most favorite forms of attire that she still owned as lips parted and while she wasn't entirely sure what to say, the words had found themselves on their own. " Clara, isn't it? " Right to the point. Although there was no reason to beat around the bush, the two weren't enemies to any degree that she was aware. " I met you once I believe, in Arendelle. " So long ago, but those words were left out. It really did feel like forever, but then Elsa found herself constantly feeling the strain of how long she had been in the urn, and how even longer she had been a recluse to everything, including her sister and her kingdom, two things she loved the most. tag: Clara Stahlbaumwords: 637notes: I can edit if need be!Queen Elsa◆ skye ◆
Clara Stahlbaum
 Posted: May 6 2018, 02:24 PM
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Clara found herself in Storybrook, she still found it to be an odd place. How could people live there? She couldn't help but to wonder. She ran her hand through her blonde hair and let her eyes observe the world around her. She wanted to go back to the land of sweets but so far she had failed to find a way back there. Sighing she wanted to just sink into the ground and stay there.

Hearing someone saying her name she turned around, ohh She had seen that person before. it was the snowqueen! "Elsa!" Clara said with an excited smile on her face. She had been about to give up on seeing familiar faces. "Its so good to see you! I had just about given up on seeing a familiar face in this place" Clara smiled over to her.

"Did you ever find your sister again?" Clara asked, if she remembered correctly she had been searching for her sister at one point. If she had lost her sister she would be looking, in a way she was looking, because she did not know where her brother was located.

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