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The curse has been broken. Magic is back in Storybrooke. Families and friends are reunited. All seems well. Happily ever after was here to stay - or so everyone thought. Unlike fairytales, this did not mean the end of the story. It was only the beginning.

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Sep 7 2017, 10:43 PM
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Aug 15 2017, 08:41 AM
For as much as Victor enjoyed his job, he really couldn't wait until seven o'clock in the morning rolled around. The Hospital had since passed it's peak hours, and the Doctor found that for once he could simply sneak out the door when his time to go had come about. He was starving though, and the Hospital's kitchen hadn't opened for another hour leading him to instead go to Granny's before he would drive back to his home and get his well deserved rest.

Ever since the curse broke, Victor had taken to wearing primarily black clothing, and today was no different. His Lab Coat was left at the Hospital to be cleaned, and he stepped into the Diner in a pair of black dress slacks, dark Gray button down dress shirt, and Black oxford shoes. Upon his head he wore a black and gray colored fedora, one which hid his light golden hair. He took a seat at an empty booth, and calmly removed his fedora as he looked out from the window.

Every person who ever visited the Diner knew that in a matter of moments the place was going to heat up with people coming in. He watched as his red Jaguar sat alone in the parking lot, even when he could see cars coming down the road turning their blinkers on preparing to park and get themselves an early morning breakfast. When the waitress came over, she was a cheerful bubbly thing. " Hi Doctor Whale! " The young thing proclaimed, causing Victor to lean back into his seat some and offer a smile in return. " Now this is a lovely sight to see in the morning. " He said. She giggled, and while the bubbly sort were quite annoying, Victor also knew that it was best to not tick off the person who was going to be handling your food.

" I have no need for a menu. " He stopped the young woman from going to hand him one. " I'd like a Blueberry Muffin, with butter, warmed up. Also I would like a coffee. " He'd been dying for a muffin all night, and after pulling off a double shift, it was the only thing he wanted and nothing more. He knew they'd have them, while the Diner offered a lot of fancier meals, he was thankful that Granny often kept the most basic of things. " Okay, I just have to ask. We're now serving Pumpkin flavored Coffee, would you like that instead? " The Waitress asked, shifting her hip a little so that her hand sat upon it. " That does sound wonderful. " Victor said, giving her a smile as she jotted down his order and walked away.

As for him, he leaned back against the seat of his booth as eyes closed for a few seconds. The Diner was playing an oldies song, one about a wanderer going from town to town. It made Victor smirk. It seemed a bit fitting but then at the same time, he wasn't quite sure it was fitting enough for him.

[ Just in case anyone is curious, the song is here ]

Aug 5 2017, 07:57 PM
Interested in plotting? I'm always available if you'd like to PM me, or add me to Skype or Discord! ( Skype: Captain-Andie Discord: Andie #3370 )

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<div class='band-gif-sur'><table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><td><div class='band-gif'><img src='http://i.picpar.com/6T1c.gif'></div></td><td valign='top'><div class='band-words'><div class='band-word-bar'> ---- ---- / NEUTRAL /DAVID ANDERS</div><div class='band-actual-words'> Dr. Victor Whale is a Doctor at Storybrooke General Hospital. He tends to many in Storybrooke and works long hours almost every day. He enjoys his job, if only because it gets him away from people who may know who he really is. He's not a terrible person, although many may feel that what he has done is terrible.
I don't think many know in Storybrooke that he is truly Dr. Viktor Frankenstein, but he may try and hide that truth until he is cornered. Others, like Rumplestiltskin and even the Evil Queen would know his identity. He hates magic, he relies more on his knowledge in Science than he does sorcery. I am up for almost anything with him, so feel free to talk to me!!
Friends: He really doesn't have any, he probably has some associates at the Hospital but not much else. I'd like to see him make more friends though. Maybe someone he can open up to and all.
Enemies: I put Viktor as Neutral, meaning he really doesn't care who is evil and who is good. Unless someone directly crosses him, he won't have an issue with them. This could open more as plots go on though, he may have more clear enemies or even some friends in those he once considered foe.
Lovers: Viktor and his Storybrooke counterpart were womanizers. This is much truer in his Storybrooke self. He has spent time with plenty of women, including Snow White. None of which held any lasting feelings. I would be open to Viktor finding love. It may help ease a lot of the pain he feels for what he did to Gerhardt.

<div style='height:25px;'></div>

<div class='band-gif-sur'><table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><td><div class='band-gif'><img src='http://i.picpar.com/7T1c.gif'></div></td><td valign='top'><div class='band-words'><div class='band-word-bar'> ---- ---- / ALLY / JAMIE DORNAN</div><div class='band-actual-words'> The Sheriff of Storybrooke is here! Graham is very conflicted, his heart is with the wrong person, but he really wants it back. On top of that, it's his job to help keep the order in Storybrooke, a task that is a lot more difficult now that the curse has broken! I am up for a lot with Graham, so feel free to bombard me with plottage!
Friends: I would love love love for Graham to find a drinking buddy. He doesn't drink much, but when he does he'd love to have someone to chat with. Graham also spends a lot of time out in the woods, so he's always likely to be found there too!
Enemies: His enemy has his heart. The Evil Queen took it from him and now he's forced to do her bidding. He hates it, he hates having to be around her, but there's only so much he can do when the wrong person has his heart.
Lovers: This is wide open, any particular woman can catch his eye, but only a special one will be able to help him reclaim his heart and let him return those full feelings he may have for her. Graham has shown he can show some feeling without a heart, but he needs it back in order to fully be able to commit to anyone.

<div style='height:25px;'></div>

<div class='band-gif-sur'><table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><td><div class='band-gif'><img src='http://i.picpar.com/Ss2c.gif'></div></td><td valign='top'><div class='band-words'><div class='band-word-bar'> ---- ---- / NEUTRAL / TOM HIDDLESTON</div><div class='band-actual-words'> The Pumpkin King is in Storybrooke! Jack was swept up in the curse, and lived out his time in Storybrooke under the name of Joseph Burton. It wasn't until the curse broke that he realized who he really was. Now he is trying to put his life back together. Halloween seems to come and go just fine without him, and a part of him is willing to return to Halloween Town, but that's only if his beloved Sally isn't' already in Storybrooke. He's been searching high and low for her, but with no luck yet.
Joseph/Jack is into theater. He can dance, sing, and act. This has him putting on shows with other performers in Storybrooke. He also hopes that his shows will attract Sally, and others who may have somehow ended up in Storybrooke like he had.
Friends: Jack would love to meet new people and friends of old! He is a friendly man so feel free and approach him! Around Halloween and Christmas he does tend to be a little busier, but that is fine!
Enemies: There are enemies out there, though the only direct enemy that Jack has is Oogie Boogie. Even Rumplestiltskin and the Evil Queen don't really mean a lot to Jack, save for the curse. Though, he's come to terms a long time ago that it was his own fault that he is stuck where he is.
Lovers: The only woman out there for Jack, is Sally. I have want ad if anyone is interested in her. I've put them down as married, since they've always implied that after the movie ends the two marry. We can always change that to dating or engaged too. Any is fine. </div></div></td></table></div>

<div style='height:25px;'></div>

<div class='band-gif-sur'><table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'><td><div class='band-gif'><img src='http://i.picpar.com/bL9c.gif'></div></td><td valign='top'><div class='band-words'><div class='band-word-bar'> ---- ---- / ROYALTY / GEORGINA HAIG</div><div class='band-actual-words'> I WOULD LOVE SOME PLOTS FOR ELSA! I don't have a real lot to include here, so I'm cutting right to the point.
Friends: Elsa needs friends, in Storybrooke she doesn't know many people other than Anna once she finds her, so it wouldn't hurt to include others! She may even need a job, so that could always be considered too if she meets a friend that can help her out!
Enemies: As the Queen of Arendelle, there could be plenty who are considered enemies to her. Even in Storybrooke, those like Rumplestiltskin or Ingrid should she arrive could all easily fall under that category! I'm open to enemies, maybe even some new ones!
Lovers: So before we get any further, I won't lie. I'm a Helsa shipper. ( That means I love Hans and Elsa. ) I'd love to find a Hans in order to get this ship sailing. It wouldn't be overnight, but more along the lines of something that would be slowly felt by both. Other than that, I am open to other options for Elsa and love. </div></div></td></table></div>

</div></div><div style='margin-top:8px; width:100%; text-align:center; font-family:calibri; font-size:8px; color:#777; line-height:100%; letter-spacing:2px;'> © LOUIS! </div></center>[/dohtml]
Aug 4 2017, 06:57 PM

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I feel like a monster


<div class="name">Viktor Frankenstein / Dr. Whale</div>
<div class="headinfo">age: 30</div>
<div class="headinfo">member group: Neutral</div>
<div class="headinfo">face claim: David Anders</div>


<div class="main"><div class="text">

<div class="sub">pertinent details</div>

personality: <br>
~<br>Dedicated to his cause
~<br>Guilt for past actions
~<br> God Complex

notable traits: <br>
Viktor likes to drink, which is a good and a bad thing.
~<br>He can drink a bit too much, or do it on the job. He is still skilled at his work, he takes great pride in saving many lives.

~<br>Viktor can be a bit of a smart-ass, behind that he is sometimes caught in his own personal turmoil.
~<br> He enjoys taking long walks around Storybrooke, though he's also a bit of a workaholic. ~<br>Unlike many in Storybrooke, he absolutely hates magic.
~<br>He feels that science is more superior and hates when he has to rely even a little on magic.

~<br>Viktor's Father Alphonse was disappointed in seeing his son waste his life away doing research. As a Christmas gift he announced he would cut his funding to Viktor's work and enlisted his son to aid as a Medic on the battlefield instead. Viktor hated this idea, and began to consider other methods of obtaining money for supplies.. or in his case, corpses. Ever since his Mother died Viktor was obsessed with attempting to give life back to those who have died.
~<p>Viktor's younger brother Gerhardt is the only person who seems to understand Viktor, however even Gerhardt is unaware of the actual studies that his brother is conducting. One night, he discovers Viktor digging up a grave. He's horrified and demands an explanation. Before Viktor can do so, the men are caught by the Gravekeeper who fires a single shot from his gun. The men rush back to their awaiting horse and carriage, only for Viktor to discover the true horror. His brother had been hit by that single bullet. More so, his brother breaths his last breath right then and there.
~<p>Viktor's Father is naturally distraught, as Gerhardt was his very clear favorite. He blames Viktor for his death, and announces that he now has no sons. Viktor gets to work and to bring Gerhardt back, but this requires some help. A man approaches him, a man of many different shades of color. He offers him more gold than he can imagine all for a favor. Viktor takes the favor, and this favor brings him to the Enchanted Forest where he meets a young woman hoping to bring back her deceased love. It's all a ruse however. While conducting the needed work to bring back her beloved, Viktor announces that the attempt was a failure, when in truth, he took the magic heart she had supplied him and brought it back with him to put into Gerhardt's body instead. The experiment is a success! Gerhardt is alive!
~<p>Things only get worse when he introduces Gerhardt once more to their Father. At first his Father is overjoyed, but that joy turns to anger when he realizes that Gerhardt is not even a little like the man he once was. In his rage he immediately attacks Viktor, but Gerhardt intervenes and begins to beat their Father. Viktor stands back and lets him do so, only stopping him once Alphonse was dead.

~ <br>

<div class="sub">writing sample</div>
It was a busy night at Storybrooke General Hospital. In one room, he helped in the delivery of a child. A floor below, he had to tend to a child who had broken their arm after falling out of a tree. And yet then, he had to go down the hall to help an elderly man who had been having an asthma attack. This was all done in a matter of an hour or so, and Viktor had to come to a stop in order to catch his own breath as he stood in the lobby.
Every so often one of the many Nurses would pass by, some greeting him, others glancing at him, and some too busy in their own matters to even care that he is standing there. After a few short moments, he runs his hand through his messy hair and strolls down to one of the waiting rooms of the hospital where he finds himself at a vending machine. He eyes a few ideas for a moment, before settling on a candy bar.
He finds them to be tasty, and something that he isn't entirely used to having as they weren't something he's ever noticed before in the Land without Color.
He goes to shifting through the pocket of his Doctors coat until the right amount of change can be pushed within and the numbers pressed for the desired piece of sweet goodness he's in the mood for. When it drops, he bends down to pick it up, but before opening it he then turns and slowly makes his exit through the main doorway of the Hospital. It's night time, the moon full and a quiet calm has washed over Storybrooke. Viktor takes a deep breath and closes his eyes for a moment as he leans against the cold wall against him.
He's on the tenth hour of a possible twelve hour shift. His feet hurt, his back hurts, and he's missed at least four of the television shows he had wanted to see. But none of that really matters to him. What mattered was that he couldn't stop thinking about his brother, his errors, and how and if he could possibly go home and ever right them.
<div class="footbar">

<div class="foottext">alias: Andie • time zone: EST • contact info: PM• characters: Dr. Victor Whale</div>

</div><a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=112">* * *</a>
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