Once upon a time, in a land of myth and magic there existed a wondrous kingdom where writers joined together to craft an epic tale. Heroes and villains fought for what their heart desired. What side are you on? What journey do you seek? What's your story?

The curse has been broken. Magic is back in Storybrooke. Families and friends are reunited. All seems well. Happily ever after was here to stay - or so everyone thought. Unlike fairytales, this did not mean the end of the story. It was only the beginning.

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Graham Humbert


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Oct 7 2017, 08:39 AM
Graham never considered himself a large drinker, although there were days every so often each month that he would indulge in the habit of drinking himself either to the brink of not caring, or at least a little silly before he could head home for the night. The Sheriff's workday had been behind him and now he was merely able to relax and enjoy a night that for now he saw no end to.

He was laid back in one of the bar stools, his deep chestnut colored work boots still on his feet although the laces had been loosened and thus let his feet move just a little bit more. His leather jacket hung nearby on a coat rack, leaving Graham in a navy blue button down shirt. His badge was still worn, every so often the glistening silver accessory caught the bars lighting casting a reflection back. He still wore his side arm, although the gun was holstered at his hip and covered by a leather strap with a few snaps.

A glass was raised to his lips, the ice and the amaretto meeting his tastebuds creating an instant smile to cross his lips. The bartender was busy, and the few other patrons there had been caught up around the television watching the news or a sporting event, honestly Graham didn't pay much attention to really know what was even on. Instead, blue eyes had fallen on a reflection of himself. He felt empty, though that came with the most obvious of reasons.

He took another sip then set his glass down once more. He hoped someone would join him, but his occasional trips to the bar sometimes resulted in a one-time friendship, or the night spent by himself at a table simply drinking his grief away. He wasn't aware of what would be in store tonight, if anything.

Sean Herman

Aug 15 2017, 08:23 AM
It was a slow day for the Sheriff, so he decided to get his gear, meet an old friend, and head out into the forest for a day of reflection and relaxation. The sky was at a calm with barely in puffy white clouds floating overhead. It was a fairly warm day, yet the chill of the morning lingered leaving the Sheriff to continue to wear his worn out leather jacket. At his back, he carried his bow as dark brown work boots carefully moved through the overgrown brush and roots of the forest.

What had once been a stroll, had turned quickly into something more when he began to take notice of droplets of blood upon the forest ground. He stopped as the blood seemingly increased the further he followed and knelt to the ground for his fingertip to brush along the dark crimson. It was still fresh. The white wolf beside him sniffed at the blood as well, before it started to walk ahead of him. This could possibly serve as a source of food for his elderly friend, but he hadn't been too sure yet.

He normally fed the wolf market bought food, if only so that he didn't spend his day hunting when he had a job, nor removing animals from the forest where they originally belonged. Still, Graham walked on and further on into the forest following the trail of blood. He soon was led into a portion of the forest where the trees had long since grown and twisted together, their long branches and leaves causing a sort of covering overhead that made the area dark as the sun couldn't reach it.

The wolf on occasion ran ahead of him, only to wait for Graham before doing so once more. As for Graham, he kept following the trail and the more he did the more bright in color and fresh the blood became. It was only once he left the darkened void in the forest that he found himself in a clearing. There, in the center of the clearing lay a Doe. She must have been struck by a car, or had a run in with a predator, as he could see easily that one of her legs had been savagely ripped open. There was no saving her, she was going to bleed to death or end up as another animals meal in due time.

Graham sighed, a warm breath escaping between his lips when he lowered his gaze from the mortally wounded doe. His eyes blinked and he pulled the bow from behind his back as he readied an arrow. He had to put the creature out of it's misery, he couldn't stand to know that he witnessed a creature dying and did nothing to help it. Instead, the arrow was positioned and his arm pulled far back upon the string of his bow until he could pull no more. Steady. Steady and then pomph! as the arrow was released and whistled through the air.

The Doe looked up only to see the arrow, although it was already too late. The injured creature could do nothing as the arrow tip ripped through it's soft skin and punchered it's heart. It only took seconds, if not instantly for the creature to breath it's final breath and die a far more honorable death than suffer in agony any further. " You're okay now. " Graham said, his bow being placed back upon his back as the wolf ran over to inspect the fallen Doe. " We can't leave her here, I'm going to have to clean her and we can start carrying back what we can keep. " He spoke to the wolf.

Time was now his enemy however. The deer would have to be cleaned quickly and it's meat cooled quickly to not risk spoilage. In fact, he couldn't carry the Doe on his own, so he had to consider a way to possibly get his vehicle within the forest itself so that he could make the task a lot easier on both himself, the remains of the Doe, and for his hungry wolf friend beside him.

Well, the wolf wasn't a problem. Right then and there as Graham removed his hunting knife, he'd cut a portion for the wolf to eat on the spot. Whatever else remained, would go to him instead.
Aug 14 2017, 08:14 AM

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I'm on the hunt down I'm after you.


<div class="name">names (storybrooke/enchanted forest):The Huntsman</div>
<div class="headinfo">age: 28</div>
<div class="headinfo">member group: Ally</div>
<div class="headinfo">face claim: Jamie Dornan</div>


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~<br>Graham cannot 'feel' any more. This could be perhaps a plot in the making. Even still while he is forced to be loyal to Regina, he still shows that he wants to do the right thing.
~<br>He loves animals, having been raised in the wild.
~<br>He'll shed a tear for animals that he has to kill. ( only if necessary. )
~<br>As the Huntsman , he would rather risk his own death than kill Snow White.

notable traits: <br>
~<br>Graham/Huntsman is a skilled Hunter. He was trained by shape shifting wolves,
and could be among the best in Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest.<br>
He can fight, when he is teased by some men that attempt to harm him, he makes short work of them fast.
~<br>Graham is able to resist not having a heart and still wants to do the best for people, this makes him constantly struggling inside.
~<br>He cares for a wolf that occasionally comes around him in the woods. It has one red eye and one black eye. It's all white.
history: <br>
~<br> Graham is orphaned at an extremely young age and is taken in by a pack of shape shifting wolves. They raise him, and he grows with them until he leaves for unknown reasons.
~<br> Graham meets a white furred wolf who travels with him, when he kills a deer in order to feed him and his friend, he sheds a tear for the deers death at his hands. Later, some men in a tavern taunt him. It brings on a fight that the Huntsman easily wins. This fight attracts the attention of the Evil Queen.
~<br> The Evil Queen wants to use the Huntsman to hunt down Snow White. She orders that he kill her and bring her the heart of the runaway Snow. The Huntsman meets Snow White, and can't murder her. Instead, he takes the heart of another animal in hopes that it'll trick the Evil Queen. The plan falls through though, and in her anger she takes the heart of the Huntsman instead, forcing him to no longer have feelings and to serve the Queen.
~<br>Upon the curse bringing them all to Storybrooke and even after it's broken,
The Huntsman, now Graham Humbert, is the Sheriff of the town.

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<div class="foottext">Andie: • EST • PM/Discord/Skype • Dr. Whale/Graham</div>

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