Once upon a time, in a land of myth and magic there existed a wondrous kingdom where writers joined together to craft an epic tale. Heroes and villains fought for what their heart desired. What side are you on? What journey do you seek? What's your story?

The curse has been broken. Magic is back in Storybrooke. Families and friends are reunited. All seems well. Happily ever after was here to stay - or so everyone thought. Unlike fairytales, this did not mean the end of the story. It was only the beginning.

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Welcome, visitors, to a realm full of possibilities. This is an AU OUaT RPG set during season 2. Please, feel free to look around, post in the CBox, and ask questions in the FAQ's! All players are wanted. We greet you with open arms and warm hearts.

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 Posted: Oct 28 2015, 09:39 PM

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1. Activity

We don't expect a post every day or every week. However, we do expect everyone to stay active. There will be activity checks every 3 months (4 times a year) to make sure everyone continues to post. Those activity checks will run for 2 weeks and you will be required to post at least 1 IC post per character you have during that time. We will be announcing the checks and you will be required to respond to them through your character account. Of course, if you need to take a break - you're more than welcome to post int he Away & Hiatus forum.

2. Civility

Not everyone is going to get along. We get that. However, please be civil and respectful to one another in the forums and in the C-Box. If there are any issues, contact one another via PM. If the issue can't be resolved, message an admin or a moderator. We're here to keep the peace and help our lovely members!

3. Limits
As of right now there are none. That said, if the Staff notices that a member can't keep up with the characters he/she has, we may suggest dropping a character or waiting awhile before applying for more. After the first two characters, you must make at least 1 IC post before applying for a new character. Please wait until acceptance to post in character and to do your claims.

3. Originality
With original characters we want to see variety. We don't want Gary-Stu or Mary-Sue type characters nor do we want all powerful beings. Give them flaws, weaknesses, strengths, quirks. Make them fabulous! Again, please wait until acceptance to post in character and to do your claims.

5. Posting

Quality over quantity. But please make sure posts are at least 250 words. Do not god-mode other players characters. IC posts must be 3rd person, past tense. Last, but not least, edit for grammar, punctuation, and tense issues. Also, do not plagiarize. Write your own stuff.

6. Creativity

We want to see plotting. This is a writing community. Interact with one another. Create ships of all types, big or small. Go on adventures. Have characters fight one another. However, if you have a major idea contact one of the Staff members. Most importantly have fun! Do not plagiarize.

7. Maturity
This is a premium user posted image rpg. There will be violence, language, and who knows what else. Those threads will be marked with [M]. Members 16 years and older are welcome, but only members who are 18+ can do smutty scenes.

8. Application
So you've decided to join? Fabulous! Once you do you have 2 weeks to submit an application (even a WIP). Characters are reserved for 2 weeks only. After you're application has been approved, you have 2 weeks from approval date to post your first IC post.
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